Friday, August 21, 2009

Google Page Rank, Mysterious Algorithm

Looks like every blogger knows what is Google Page Rank. For who haven't know what is Google Page Rank, I will explained it here. Google Page Rank is a "rank" made by Google to determine the "popularity" of a site. The lowest rank is 0 and the highest rank is 10. Every new blog or website will have a page rank of 0. Usually every two or three months (sometimes one month) Google will make update on Page Rank. Although the exact algorithm is still mysterious, but simply said that you need a lot of backlink to get higher Page Rank.

Me myself don't quite understand how this Page Rank system works. From my experiences, there's several thing you must do to get higher rank. I have four blog including this blog with various page rank. There's a blog that used to have a page rank of 3 but suddenly dropped to 0. On the opposite, this blog suddenly get the page rank of 3 (although it's a pretty new blog). From the experiences I made some conclusion of things that influence the Page Rank.

First, You must do some link exchange to get higher page rank. The link you get must be from a higher ranked blog/site. It seems that there's some weight on the link determined by the opposite page rank. It is said that if you get a link from a blog that have a page rank of 4 is much much better than getting hundreds link from 0 page rank blogs.

Second, you must update your blog quite often. Usually about ten to fifteen post per month is enough. I don't really sure how this helps but from my experience I get that the blog I update much get the higher page rank.

Third, the article posted in your blog MUST BE ORIGINAL and not copied from other site. ( I think if you copy a little is okay, just don't copy all the article). I have a blog that all its article is copied from somewhere else and until now didn't get any page rank.

Fourth, I think Paid Review has something related to this. If your blog has too many paid review post, it will drop your page rank. It happens on one of my blog that has a page rank of 3. It suddenly dropped to 0. So if you want to post paid review articles, I think you better write some other article too, so after one paid review article put at least three non paid article.

That's all I know about Google Page Rank system. I'll update if I know something else that connects with Google Page Rank. If you guys knows something else about the Google Page Rank system, please let me know. I welcome any comment here. Thank you

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hehehe...pagerank??,yeah my pagerank is like basket ball hahahaha :)

jhonson blog said...

Page Rank is too mysterious ...
huahahaha ..

Bayu The Maniac said...

my PR is from 3 to 0 just for two days... I dont know why it can be like that :((

Miawruu said...

salam friend
thank info
GOOGLE PR,,I will try,,good luck

NURA said...

my pagerank is lucky

heri said...

so do i, i really dont know how pagerank can be increase. now mine is 0, dont know when will it be 1. but i hope it's soon...

nophie said...

I build my blog was 2 months ago, but my pr still 0,,
poor me,

putra said...

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