Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twitter Spreading Koobface Worm

Koobface worm, which had been linked to infect user accounts at popular social networking service, Facebook and Myspace, now extended into various accounts of Microblogging users, Twitter. This worm attacks scale is serious enough to make twitter managers issued a warning on its service status page.

Actually Koobface activities on Twitter have been detected before, but only recently responded by temporary closing infected account. Email notification, which also contains tips to remove Koobface from the PC, will be sent to the infected user accounts.

This Koobface worm malware sends bogus messages while a user access his Twitter account. The message contains a link to a video with interesting topics.
If the link is clicked, the link will lead users to a website containing malware disguised as video codecs. Windows users who install the codec would automatically become infected by Koobface.

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Nice info...Are you have solution for koobface worm?. If you have...Please posting in your blog.Thx :)

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