Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nintendo Wii U - Next-Gen Console

This June 2011, Nintendo Wii officially introduced the Nintendo Wii U as their console. This console allows gamers to play their favorite game titles with a whole new way thanks to its innovative controller. As a sophisticated gaming device, Nintendo Wii U will be powered by top class processors from IBM. Nintendo Wii U, will use three core processors based on PowerPC architecture CPUs. The graphics card will have 512MB memory, with the GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) from ATI Radeon R700 that supports pixel shader 4.1.

I've already said that Nintendo Wii U strong point is it's new controller. This new controller is the star of Nintendo's presentation at the event E3 2011. The controller itself is equipped with two analog sticks to control the unique precision, a control pad and number buttons. Nintendo Wii U user will be able to play some mini games with a touch screen on the controller, which would also affect the progress of the game and new experience beyond our imagination. This device also include a microphone, small speakers, gyroscope and a camera that can capture players face and can be used in some games. The other feature of this new controller is it's capability to be used to browse the Internet and make phone calls.

You can see the Nintendo Wii U picture below, for me it's amazing and I think we can say it's a Next-Gen console.

Wii U 1

Wii U 2

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