Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cloud Computing - Internet Moves Like Cloud

There's a revolution happens in internet and computer world. The revolution is called Cloud Computing which holds the key to many future innovations and solutions. Through Cloud Computing technology, many activity can be done more light, fast, and secure. Many "heavy" activities can now be done without a superior hardware. To do it what you need is just a browser and a fast and reliable internet connection.

The basic of Cloud Computing is to perform all application in website. Start from a simple application through a complex operating system. The most important part is that users don't need to have a superior and luxurious hardwares, and don't need softwares too. Looks like this technology is for the future, but some implementation of this Cloud Computing technology is available now. For example Google. This search engine provide Office application, e-mail account, RSS Reader, Calendar, and other programs. All run in a browser so it doesn't depend on the operating system used. Every softwares and data is saved on Goolgle's server and loaded accordingly.

This Cloud Computing technology is not a new thing. It is a compilation af available technology. Inside, there is Computer cluster, Grid Computing, and Utility Computing. A Cluster consist of some computers connected one another to increase the available power and also minimize the lost of data. A broken server will put tasks to another server (High Availability Cluster). Grid's function is to perform high resource tasks. The difference with Cluster is that Grid is a sequence of servers around the world that connect several institution. The third component in Cloud Computing is Utility Computing. in Utility Computing, there's online storage, virtual servers, and integrated software service.

There's three application available from Cloud Computing. The first is "Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Here the developer can control the whole infrastructure. For example is virtualized hardware. The second application is "Platform as a Service (PaaS). This application is made specially for developers. The most well known example is "Google App Engine" which based on Phyton language. The third aplication is Software as a Service (SaaS). In SaaS, users can "rent" software. This "rented" software run in a browser and doesn't need special platform.

From the above discussion, we can see that Cloud Computing offers advantages for all. Users can use softwares regardless what the operating system is. Software developer doesn't need expensive hardwares, and server provider have profit with renting its resources. So, lets wait this technology to develop further.

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