Thursday, June 18, 2009

Violence in game

Sadistic massacre in schools happens again and shock the world. The question is, why boys and teenagers often involved in it ? It's a difficult question to answer. But The trigger is suspected from "killer computer game". The shooter in Winnenden, German (happens this March) often play those violence game game like Counter strike.

From 1999 until now, several serious killing have happened. In April 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill 12 student and a teacher in Littleton. In 2002, a massacre in Erfurt shocks the word. Robert Steinhauser kills 17 people brutally and then kill himself. In 2007, 32 people dead and 30 people seriously wounded in a killing done by Cho Seung Hui in Virginia tech Blacksburg. And the latest killing is in March 2009 when Tim Kretschmer, a 17 year old boy obsessed with guns shoot 15 people and then kill himself.

Although many stores don't sell games that full of violence anymore, experts don't fully agree to the relation between violence in virtual world and violence in the real world. The pros and cons do some research on their own and the result shows both of them are right.

In common, parents don't see digital entertainment media as a media that gives bad influence. Research from Microsoft shows that three from four teacher think that video game can give some good experience for their student. Still from the research shows that two from three parents allow their children to play "adult" games.

Research on "violence in computer game" already done many times. There are several result about the research. Some says that boy gamers usually have a higher alcohol consumption level. But the other research says that people who are intensively play games don't have any relation at all to killing or violence in the real world. However, many agrees that violence in computer games need to be reduced. And also kids who looks easy to do violence need to have extra control.

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mau gimana lagi lah, sekarang game kekerasan lebih laku daripada game yang mencerdaskan otak... no violence no famous...
coba tanya anak2 sekarang, tanya mereka tentang game warriors, grand theft auto pasti mereka tau betul ketimbang ketika mereka ditanya game hangman atau pacman...

Sendz said...

My favourite game is "crysis",,
i will like to play it,,
but i don't know where to download,,
can you help me please???

Anonymous said...
     Please write your comments in English. Thanks