Saturday, June 13, 2009

Get Ready for Windows 7

Microsoft will release a new operating system called Windows 7. This new version of windows will be an effort to cover their "failure" in Windows Vista which was not responded well in the market. What are the new features in windows 7 ? Basically, there are not many new features in Windows 7. What Microsoft do is upgrade the existing feature better.

Microsoft really wants to make this Windows 7 as a superior product and bury the bad name because of Windows Vista. Although Vista is really not a bad product, but the image of Microsoft really goes down in end users. On the contrary, since Windows 7 was tested, good words have been spreading. There are several "promise" from Microsoft about this new Windows 7 :
Light. Not like Vista which many user found it heavy and use very high computer power to load, Windows 7 is promised to be much more lighter.
Fast. Because it is light, so Windows 7 will be much faster than Vista.
Responsive. Windows 7 will be more responsive. Windows 7 will start immediately what user wants and will make every day works become easier.
Clear. In visual side, Windows 7 will adapt more Vista "beauty" but with a lot of improvement.

To see if Microsoft keep the promise in Windows 7, Let's take a look at its new features.

Aero The Beautiful
Since Windows Vista, Microsoft use what called "Aero" for its visual appearance. Several new features is implemented in this new Aero. Aero Peek is one of them. It is the ability to peek opening windows. Another features is Aero Shake. This features make easier to minimize all application windows except the active one. There are Aero Snaps too which allow user to snap application windows to the side of the screen.

Windows XP Mode
Windows XP Mode (XPM) is eligible only for the "expensive" versions of Windows 7. Like Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise Edition. Basically, this feature is Windows XP Service Pack 3 complete with its license, but live inside Windows 7. This XPM application allow user to install softwares that only works in Windows XP. With this application, XP users will not afraid to upgrade their OS, cause all of their software will guaranteed to work perfectly.

There are also some eliminated feature in Windows 7. The most promising of the eliminated feature is the use of Autorun which often used by viruses. In windows 7, users only have choice to open flash disk with windows explorer or with previously installed software. Another eliminated features is Windows Sidebar. This will make desktop looks more wider although the gadgets will look more messy.

Is windows 7 ready yet ? The main problem for Windows 7 is driver. Since Windows 7 is a new OS, support driver still use the one that from windows XP or Vista or from the Windows 7 itself. ATI and NVIDIA have already prepared specific driver for this new OS, but the performance still not reach its full potential. Beside of the driver problem (which wont take long), another problem is bug. Because it's new, there will be bug everywhere. This will depend on Microsoft how to deal with bugs and make some updates according to it. But out of those problems, Windows 7 will still be a powerful OS that worth waiting for. Performance offered by Windows 7 is superior than 2 of its predecessor, Windows XP and Vista. So let's wait for the official release.

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dyze'chambers said...

well...i've try the RC version on my friend's computer. It's really fast like XP...but What's a pity, there's no much improvement on their visual look. I just hope that, microsoft add some more attractive animations effect like Mac OS X Leopard...

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