Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kindle 2, E-book Reader From Amazon

This February, Amazon introduce a new Kindle 2 which was an e-book reader. Until now, book can't be replaced by computer. But this lack of technology is not for Amazon anymore with Kindle. With this milestone product, Amazon can write history. Books, newspaper, magazine now can be read easily through e-book.

This new Amazon Kindle is not just a gadget but it becomes "a must have book". This new Kindle is very slim, light, and has a superior quality from its predecessor. Because of its characteristic, this gadget is very easy to be taken anywhere. In free time you can easily read your favorite content. If you don't have much time, parts or interesting news can be marked and you can read it later in "My Clippings" . With bookmark facility, readers can directly go to the latest read parts, books by books.

According to few sources, for their readers, Amazon provide nearly 260,000 e-books and magazines. You will always have something to read. Beside that, almost all Best Seller from New York Times can be accessed too. But Kindle has a few disadvantages, like the use of DRM (Digital Rights Management). Books is sold per package and always protected by DRM, not like songs from iTunes or from Amazon. So, books cannot be copied like conventional books. Beside that, Amazon forgets about social interaction. There's no book reviews, comment, or rating in this gadget.

So, for those wo love reading everywhere, this gadget can be considered "a must have book".

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