Thursday, July 30, 2009

BattleStations Pacific

Pacific war that involve the U.S army and Japanese Army is pictured amazingly in this action game. Pacific war is one of the history that will not be forgotten by U.S people. This beacuse of the sudden attack by Japanese Army to the U.S military base in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Because of this attack, U.S.A lost a lot of its army and so many people dead. This drama is well represented by Battlestation Midway Game, BattleStation Pacific.

In this game, you can follow the story of both side in war. You will control several type of war machine. Beside piloting, you can choose to be a commander in chief that act behind the screen. The air unit is divided into 2 type, bomber and hunter. Surface unit, every type of war machine have it's own unique characteristic. Basically, a Destroyer have the biggest war power because have biggest cannon. And a surveyor have high maneuverability

Although this game is quite interesting, but it seems that the developer make it half hearted. The biggest problem that make PC gamers won't be too convinience is about the use of keyboard and mouse when piloting a plane. You can shoot using a mouse but it's veru uncomfortable. This game is very suitable to be played using a media controller. In addition, You can also play together with your friends through multiplayer mode. Every type of game in multiplayer mode have a high difficulty rating. So You will enjoy play it again and again

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