Friday, July 24, 2009

Paid Access for Youtube and Facebook ?

Internet big players such as Youtube and facebook is rumored to have big financial problem. They need new sources of income to cover the lost. Will us as user have to pay for access ? Not many people think that a company that runs the biggest social network in the world can have financial problem. Several weeks ago, Facebook Financial Director, Gideon Yu, resigned. This website has over 200 million users and developing rapidly. But their income don't grow as much as it looks like. Their income from advertising can't cover the expenses, so Facebook will need new fresh income.

This financial problem is faced not only by Facebook, but also by almost every big company that offers web 2.0 technology. According to an estimation by Credit Suisse, Youtube this year will have a lost almost 471 million US dollar. The traffic cost is almost 1 million dollar a day. The same condition also happens at Twitter and Skype. To the investors, internet is not as interesting anymore as when web 2.0 era begins. Sequoia Capital, one of biggest financial company have requested directors to develop a new business model which is hoped to be more stable.

With this problem going through, the future we can expect is : Free for basic feature only. Slowly but sure, free services will disappear. Youtube will develop a new system that require payment for users. Facebook will also develop this method. There will be paid account. The basic feature will be free but if you want convinience, you will have to pay. Let's hope there will be another way out for this problem.

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