Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Sims 3 Better and More Interesting

The Sims, the Most popular game series in the world who loved by gamers of various ages come again in a new series..

The Sims series is the most popular game in the world today. Games that simulate life always appears in the list of world's 10 best games and so many Add-on and the release of the Expansion Set always sold out and go into the list of 10 best games! Therefore, the release of The Sims 3 is something that worth waiting for.

The secret behind the success of The Sims is a form of game that makes all the players are addicted. Basically, you will manage the life of a character called the Sims. Sims that you control will be able to have basic needs that you fulfill, such as hygiene and the need to eat and communicate with other Sims.

In addition to basic needs, you are also required to fulfill the desire Sims life, such as jobs, hobbies, and have a family. To further complement Sims life, you can have a house and filled it with furniture which are so various.

Although the The Sims 3 has many similarities with The Sims before, this game is also interesting. New feature that you can find is more complete character building facility. You can be more free to create your Sims appearance and create their own style of clothing used. Thus you will find greater freedom in creating characters.

New feature which is still closely connected with the character building is Traits system. There Are five basic traits that make up the personality of your Sims. You can choose freely the properties when creating new Sims or the random button to add the game difficulty level. All the qualities you choose will be closely related to the activities undertaken by your Sims. For example, you can choose the Traits that help Athtletic Sims in developing sports career and loner who makes your Sims uncomfortable among strangers.

Not all Traits benefit your Sims. You can choose properties that make Sims Kleptomaniac so your Sims will like to take the property of others. Or making it Clumsy. However, all these properties will provide a new nuance of every game session you start.

In addition, the combination will open Traits Wish Lifetime option to choose from such as achieving the highest career in the military and became a famous writer. Every wish and desire achieved will provide a point that can be exchanged a few bonuses that help the game. For Example, Fast Learner will accelerates the process of learning all the skills (eg cooking skills, sports, and music).

Every needs and wants you fulfill (for example, getting enough sleep and brushing teeth) will give a bonus Mood for Sims and affect all activities. Sims who are in high mood levels will achieve a higher success when doing work and socialize.

Another feature that distinguishes this game with previous Sims game is that the city can be visited in real time. Previously, you had to go through the loading process to move to the outside of your home. Now, all regions can be directly visited without loading. In fact, you can do jogging and cycling to the destination. This gives a new feel for the fans of previous Sims game. Unfortunately, this feature consume high PC memory and significant frame rate reduction will appear every time you're on way to the city.

Over all I think The Sims 3 will be a game worth waiting for and will make you addicted just like the previous series. I'll give you more detailed review after I played the game.. Hope this review could be helfull.

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i can't wait to try this game , but dunno... i think my compie isn't compatible :(


i like this game..and i have played it
come and play together:)

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nice post bro, however i dont play game very much

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I think I can't play it in my comp,,
its too high hdd,, ha ha,

putra said...

The latest The Sims game huh? I have not tried, but this seemed more interesting game than The Sims before

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nice info bro, i like its. thanks for share

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it is cool game
can not wait to play it

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