Sunday, September 6, 2009

Google Wave : New E-Mail Concept

It only takes a program for chatting, e-mail, and writing documents. This was introduced by Google with their new service, Wave. Initiators of this new service is the inventor of Google Maps, Jens and Lars Rasmussen. Google Wave will be offered this year.

In this initial phase, the two brothers are still expecting the inputs from other developers, given the Wave would later become an open source project. With an open platform, developers are expected to integrate Wave website into their website or program.

Wave can bundle the discussions that have been made into a single topic and displays them in the form of dialogue in a mailing list / forum. Later the user can communicate with each other, work with each other, and share, not only text but also photos, videos or games. For digital photos, Wave can automatically create thumbnails and prepared a small slide show. Documents and tables can be processed instantly. Changes immediately visible to all members, and can directly be commented on in the fields. Thus, this feature is a mixture and further development of e-mail, instant messaging, and social networking. With a playback function, Wave can search and retrace all messages that have been sent / received and immediately display it. This is a practical way for new members who do not want to struggle in tracing the e-mails one by one. According to the developer, Wave may be use as Content Management System, for example for mini blog. They even believe that Wave could replace e-mail service as a whole.

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