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Kungfu Online Game Guide

Kungfu Online is a game from Koramgame. This Kungfu Online game guide will reveal many things about Kungfu Online, from basic game info until deep walkthrough into mastering each class from Kungfu Online game.

First let me introduce a little about Kungfu Online. As I said earlier, Kungfu Online is a game made by Koramgame. This game at first was a facebook connected game, just like many other Koramgame games. But now, other than connected with your facebook account, you can also create user ID by using your e-mail. You can also bind your facebook account into Koramgame e-mail ID.

The background story of this Kungfu Online Game is chinese kungfu story. And the game itself is not too good in graphics as this game focused on text. Another unique feature in this game is that the game provide some kind of Bot that allows you to go AFK while leveling up or gathering resources. So this Kungfu Online Game is suitable for you guys who dont have much time to play game.

In the world of Kungfu Online, after you create account, select server, then you have to select which clans you want to play. There are 7 clans you can choose in Kungfu Online Game. Each clan have unique ability and speciality. This 7 clans divided into 2 main type which are internal type and external type. Internal type clans are Wu-Tang, Tien-Shan, Ming-Cult and O-Mei. while external type clans are Shao-Lin, Tang, and Beggars. Shao-Lin and Ming-Cult focust on Defense, Wu-Tang and Beggars have advantage on their attack, Tien-Shan is a clans that have very high attack speed, Tangs speciality is critical attack, and O-Mei is the only clan that can heal.

There are six character attributes that you can increase as you level up. They are
  1. Strength (Str), which affects maximim Vitality and Ext Atk
  2. Stamina (Stam) affects External Defense, Vitality, Blind Resistance, and Stun Resistance.
  3. Spirit (Spr) affects maximum Chi, Internal Atk
  4. Stability (Stab) affects Vitality, Internal Defense, Chi, Paralyze Resistance and Amnesia Resistance.
  5. Precision (Prec) affects Accuracy, Enchanting Time, and Critical strike.
  6. Agility (Agi) which affects Dodge, Slow Resistance, Attack Speed and Depression Resistance.

Which attributes is important ? Well, this differ for each clan, but External type clan usually pump on Stamina while Internal type clan pump on Stability. Precision is a very very important attributes for every clan and Agility is a very important attribute for Tien-Shan. I will give you more detail on Character build in my next post.

Other feature in Kungfu Online Game is similar to other MMORPG game. There are guild that you can join, warehouse to put items, gathering system, PVP, guild war, etc. I won't put it here as you can see it yourself in their official website.

Beside leveling up and leveling up and leveling up (which is boring after you reach high level), there are one more goal that you can reach in this game, It's to become the Mt. Hua Champions. Mt. Hua Swordsmanship Tournament is a cross server fight that allows you to fight other player in all server. The winner of this Mt. Hua Tournament will receive title, marvelous item, and of course some pride. I will cover the guide how to win Mt.Hua Tournament in my later post.

So this end my first Kungfu Online Game Guide. Wait for my next post to get more deep guide about Kungfu Online Game.

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