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Kungfu Online Character Build Guide

I've promised to write about Kungfu Online Character Build Guide in my previous post. So, this is the character build guide taken from my personal experience with Kungfu Online Game.

In the world of Kungfu Online, there are seven class you can choose. These seven class can be separated into two main class : Internal type class and External type class. So I'll separate this character build guide into two main part.

There are six stat you can add each time you level up in Kungfu Online. They are Str (Strength), Stam (Stamina), Spi (Spirit), Stab (Stability), Prec (Precision), Agi (Agility). Adding some stat point into these stat, will add your character attributes : Str increase External Atk, Vit. Stam increase Vit, External Def, Chi. Spi increase Int Atk, Chi, Vit. Stab increase Internal Def, Vit. Prec increase Accuracy, Critical Rate, Casting Time. Agi increase Dodge and Atk Speed. And there's also some gems you can add to your gear to increase these stat too.

I. Internal type class character build guide
Most of internal type class character best build focused on Stability (Stab) attributes. Only Tien-Shan build is different, other class also have their own combination, but still the main attributes is Stab.

I.1. Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang is an "all around" internal type class. Wu-Tang class have advantage in their highest Internal Atk, and high atk speed. A Wu-Tang character can kill creep (monster) very fast so they level up very fast too.
For a Wu-Tang I recommend to put attributes into Prec until you reach 250, Agi until 250, and the rest to Stab and Stam 2:1. Gem suitable for Wu-Tang is Stab, Prec, Agi, and Stam for Def Gear, and Int Atk, Element Atk, Accuracy and Critical for Atk Gear.
Wu-Tang weakness is against Ming-Cult because of high Int def and many reduce Int Atk spell.

I.2. O-Mei Clan
As a healer, O-mei usually focus on defense, but there's a chance to be battle O-mei too. Character build for O-Mei is basically the same with Wu-Tang. You can decrease some Agi (no Agi is fine too) and put the stat point into Stam and Stab 1:1. Gem is also the same with Wu-Tang except Agi gem. O-Mei also need Chi gem just to fight with other O-Mei so you won't run out of chi for healing.

I.3. Tien-Shan Clan
Tien-Shan main weapon is super fast Atk speed and very very high Dodge. So the tactics in building a Tien-Shan is to have Dodge as high as possible. Basically you will have to put all your stat into Agi. Forget defense as Tien-Shan will have to dodge not defending. Accuracy you can get from gear bonuses and Prec gem. So the main gem for Tien-Shan is Agi, Dodge, and Prec. ATK gem is basically the same for all internal type class.

I.4 Ming-Cult
Ming is Internal type that focus mainly on defense. So The main stat for Ming is Stab and Stam 1:1. You can add some prec but not over 250. The gem also focused on Stam, Stab, and Prec. Although seem so slow and low atk, but Ming is the strongest Internal type class in high level. Ming can beat Wu-Tang very easy and outperform O-Mei in defense. Tien-Shan will have some difficulty too as Ming usually have a very big Vitality.

II. External type class character build guide.
External type class character focused mainly on Stamina (Stam). External type class have much slower Atk speed than Internal type class. But their Atk is better than Internal type class.

II.1 Beggar Clan
Beggar is just like Wu-Tang but with External type. Much slower than Wu-Tang but much better in Atk and usually have more Vitality too. The main stat for beggar is Stam, Stab, Str. Prec and Agi until reach 250 each. There's two type of beggar, attacking type and defense type. Atttacking type beggar focus on Str and Stam. Good in low level buch not too strong in high level. Defense type beggar focus on Stam and Stab. Slower in low level but much stronger in high level. Beggar will need gem that increase Stam, Stab, Str, and Prec. for ATK gem, all external type class will need Ext Atk, Element Atk, Critical, and Accuracy Gem.

II.2. Tang Clan
Tang benefit most from Prec stat as each 1 prec gives 2.5 Critical rate and 2 Accuracy. So You will want to divide your stat point into Stamina, Stability, and Precision. You can add Str too but in high level it's not too usefull.

II.3. Shao-Lin Clan
Shao-lin is the defender (tanker) in KungFu Online. Have a very big HP and very big defense in both external and internal defense. In low level Shao-lin is not that good, but in high level, a shao-lin is very hard to beat. Shao-lin will focus their stat mainly on Stam and Stab (1:1). Also add Prec until 250.

This Kungfu Online Character Build Guide is very basic and general. You will have to combine yourself for best performance. There's is no best stat for each clan as the stat and gems will have to be adjusted according to which clan you'll fight. In the next post I will cover about the guide to win in Mt. Hua Swordmanship Tournament.

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