Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Maps Navigation GPS for Android

Nowadays, GPS has become inseparable part of our daily lives, especially for us who travel a lot. Several years ago, we have to install a GPS navigation system in our car, but nowadays we can have GPS service through our handphones or tablet PC. Android has become the most popular OS for mobile phones and tablet PC, so I'll review one of the best GPS for Android : Google Maps Navigation.

Google Maps Navigation can be downloaded free from Android Market or you can just visit the website directly. What make Google Maps Navigation better than other GPS application ? Google Maps Navigation have features that other GPS application don't have, such as satellite view and street view. Google Maps Navigation is available for Android 1.6 or later version. Below is the features that Google Maps Navigation can do (taken from Google official website)

Google Maps Navigation features and compability

And here is several screen shot (also taken from Google official site) :

Street View

Alternate Routes

Satellite View

As you can see from the screenshot, and the table, Google Maps Navigation is very suitable for people with high mobility. If you have a tablet PC like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or maybe iPad, these applications definitely will help you a lot. I think, Google Maps Navigation is the best GPS application for Android so far.
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Google Maps GPS support many mobile OS, not just Android, so it's the best GPS software on the market

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