Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google Plus New Trending Social Networking

Google Plus (Google +) is a new social network launched by one of the internet giant, Google. As soon as the news of Google Plus project spreads, Google Plus become new trending topic in most of blogs around the world. Will this new hot Google Plus break the dominance of Facebook that leads the social networking worlds in recent years ?

Google already launced Google Buzz but not quite success in the market. So what can we expect in this new Google Plus project ? "We want to improve the experience of sharing on the Internet" said Google senior vice-president, Vic Gundotra, as quoted by the Bangkok Post, Wednesday, June 29, 2011. So what kind of experience are we talking about ? Read through to read the review about new awesome features that Google Plus have.

Right now, Google Plus is in closed trial process. Only people that invited directly by Google can experience and test the features. But Google promised that Google Plus will be open tu public soon. Actually, Google plus is quite similar to Facebook. The users can write at Google Plus status, upload photos and links, as commonly done on Facebook. The difference, according to Gundotra, Google Plus (Google +) can separate the members on its website with groups. For example, working groups and groups of coworkers easily (not making group like in facebook).

Google Plus Screen Shot

"Because not all of our relationships can link together. As our relationship with the boss definitely different from our relationship with our parents, "Gundotra said. Facebook face a lot of criticism about the groups. Many user status is intended to be seen by only several people their network. Google Plus provides these features. Google Plus (Google +) that allows users to separate the members in its network in different groups (circles) according to their individual interests.

Here is several key features of Google Plus that claimed can beat facebook.
  1. Circles. This function can be used to insert the names of friends into groups and users can share content with different formats in every different circle of friends.
  2. Hangouts. This is a video conference service for more than two people with a video call.
  3. Huddle. This service provides the groups in this network to send instant messages.
  4. Sparks. This feature connects the individuals in this network to people who have the same interests towards something.
Google Plus Circle

Well, how Google Plus (Google +) will be in the competitive battle of social networking world ? Let's wait and see.

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