Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Century 21 Broker Properti Jual Beli Sewa Rumah Indonesia

Century 21 Broker Properti Jual Beli Sewa Rumah Indonesia is a propery broker that is a real estate franchise from USA established in 1937. In Indonesia, century 21 is affiliated with Ciputra group and was established in 1997.

With experience in property business for decades, makes century 21 one of the best real estate agent around. They can assist all your property needs such as buying, selling, house or apartment.They have hundreds of qualified agents that will assist you in case you need some help in buying or selling houses.

Century 21 also have an online marketing division that is very important in this era of information technology. The website, century21.com, have just won an award that prove century21.com have a good and reliable online marketing system.

That's all for he century 21. Maybe this a little out of topics but I think this one is a very important information to share.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google Plus New Trending Social Networking

Google Plus (Google +) is a new social network launched by one of the internet giant, Google. As soon as the news of Google Plus project spreads, Google Plus become new trending topic in most of blogs around the world. Will this new hot Google Plus break the dominance of Facebook that leads the social networking worlds in recent years ?

Google already launced Google Buzz but not quite success in the market. So what can we expect in this new Google Plus project ? "We want to improve the experience of sharing on the Internet" said Google senior vice-president, Vic Gundotra, as quoted by the Bangkok Post, Wednesday, June 29, 2011. So what kind of experience are we talking about ? Read through to read the review about new awesome features that Google Plus have.

Right now, Google Plus is in closed trial process. Only people that invited directly by Google can experience and test the features. But Google promised that Google Plus will be open tu public soon. Actually, Google plus is quite similar to Facebook. The users can write at Google Plus status, upload photos and links, as commonly done on Facebook. The difference, according to Gundotra, Google Plus (Google +) can separate the members on its website with groups. For example, working groups and groups of coworkers easily (not making group like in facebook).

Google Plus Screen Shot

"Because not all of our relationships can link together. As our relationship with the boss definitely different from our relationship with our parents, "Gundotra said. Facebook face a lot of criticism about the groups. Many user status is intended to be seen by only several people their network. Google Plus provides these features. Google Plus (Google +) that allows users to separate the members in its network in different groups (circles) according to their individual interests.

Here is several key features of Google Plus that claimed can beat facebook.
  1. Circles. This function can be used to insert the names of friends into groups and users can share content with different formats in every different circle of friends.
  2. Hangouts. This is a video conference service for more than two people with a video call.
  3. Huddle. This service provides the groups in this network to send instant messages.
  4. Sparks. This feature connects the individuals in this network to people who have the same interests towards something.
Google Plus Circle

Well, how Google Plus (Google +) will be in the competitive battle of social networking world ? Let's wait and see.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Maps Navigation GPS for Android

Nowadays, GPS has become inseparable part of our daily lives, especially for us who travel a lot. Several years ago, we have to install a GPS navigation system in our car, but nowadays we can have GPS service through our handphones or tablet PC. Android has become the most popular OS for mobile phones and tablet PC, so I'll review one of the best GPS for Android : Google Maps Navigation.

Google Maps Navigation can be downloaded free from Android Market or you can just visit the website directly. What make Google Maps Navigation better than other GPS application ? Google Maps Navigation have features that other GPS application don't have, such as satellite view and street view. Google Maps Navigation is available for Android 1.6 or later version. Below is the features that Google Maps Navigation can do (taken from Google official website)

Google Maps Navigation features and compability

And here is several screen shot (also taken from Google official site) :

Street View

Alternate Routes

Satellite View

As you can see from the screenshot, and the table, Google Maps Navigation is very suitable for people with high mobility. If you have a tablet PC like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or maybe iPad, these applications definitely will help you a lot. I think, Google Maps Navigation is the best GPS application for Android so far.
Don't forget to keep reading updates from Computer Trend to have the latest information in computers technology.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kungfu Online Character Build Guide

I've promised to write about Kungfu Online Character Build Guide in my previous post. So, this is the character build guide taken from my personal experience with Kungfu Online Game.

In the world of Kungfu Online, there are seven class you can choose. These seven class can be separated into two main class : Internal type class and External type class. So I'll separate this character build guide into two main part.

There are six stat you can add each time you level up in Kungfu Online. They are Str (Strength), Stam (Stamina), Spi (Spirit), Stab (Stability), Prec (Precision), Agi (Agility). Adding some stat point into these stat, will add your character attributes : Str increase External Atk, Vit. Stam increase Vit, External Def, Chi. Spi increase Int Atk, Chi, Vit. Stab increase Internal Def, Vit. Prec increase Accuracy, Critical Rate, Casting Time. Agi increase Dodge and Atk Speed. And there's also some gems you can add to your gear to increase these stat too.

I. Internal type class character build guide
Most of internal type class character best build focused on Stability (Stab) attributes. Only Tien-Shan build is different, other class also have their own combination, but still the main attributes is Stab.

I.1. Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang is an "all around" internal type class. Wu-Tang class have advantage in their highest Internal Atk, and high atk speed. A Wu-Tang character can kill creep (monster) very fast so they level up very fast too.
For a Wu-Tang I recommend to put attributes into Prec until you reach 250, Agi until 250, and the rest to Stab and Stam 2:1. Gem suitable for Wu-Tang is Stab, Prec, Agi, and Stam for Def Gear, and Int Atk, Element Atk, Accuracy and Critical for Atk Gear.
Wu-Tang weakness is against Ming-Cult because of high Int def and many reduce Int Atk spell.

I.2. O-Mei Clan
As a healer, O-mei usually focus on defense, but there's a chance to be battle O-mei too. Character build for O-Mei is basically the same with Wu-Tang. You can decrease some Agi (no Agi is fine too) and put the stat point into Stam and Stab 1:1. Gem is also the same with Wu-Tang except Agi gem. O-Mei also need Chi gem just to fight with other O-Mei so you won't run out of chi for healing.

I.3. Tien-Shan Clan
Tien-Shan main weapon is super fast Atk speed and very very high Dodge. So the tactics in building a Tien-Shan is to have Dodge as high as possible. Basically you will have to put all your stat into Agi. Forget defense as Tien-Shan will have to dodge not defending. Accuracy you can get from gear bonuses and Prec gem. So the main gem for Tien-Shan is Agi, Dodge, and Prec. ATK gem is basically the same for all internal type class.

I.4 Ming-Cult
Ming is Internal type that focus mainly on defense. So The main stat for Ming is Stab and Stam 1:1. You can add some prec but not over 250. The gem also focused on Stam, Stab, and Prec. Although seem so slow and low atk, but Ming is the strongest Internal type class in high level. Ming can beat Wu-Tang very easy and outperform O-Mei in defense. Tien-Shan will have some difficulty too as Ming usually have a very big Vitality.

II. External type class character build guide.
External type class character focused mainly on Stamina (Stam). External type class have much slower Atk speed than Internal type class. But their Atk is better than Internal type class.

II.1 Beggar Clan
Beggar is just like Wu-Tang but with External type. Much slower than Wu-Tang but much better in Atk and usually have more Vitality too. The main stat for beggar is Stam, Stab, Str. Prec and Agi until reach 250 each. There's two type of beggar, attacking type and defense type. Atttacking type beggar focus on Str and Stam. Good in low level buch not too strong in high level. Defense type beggar focus on Stam and Stab. Slower in low level but much stronger in high level. Beggar will need gem that increase Stam, Stab, Str, and Prec. for ATK gem, all external type class will need Ext Atk, Element Atk, Critical, and Accuracy Gem.

II.2. Tang Clan
Tang benefit most from Prec stat as each 1 prec gives 2.5 Critical rate and 2 Accuracy. So You will want to divide your stat point into Stamina, Stability, and Precision. You can add Str too but in high level it's not too usefull.

II.3. Shao-Lin Clan
Shao-lin is the defender (tanker) in KungFu Online. Have a very big HP and very big defense in both external and internal defense. In low level Shao-lin is not that good, but in high level, a shao-lin is very hard to beat. Shao-lin will focus their stat mainly on Stam and Stab (1:1). Also add Prec until 250.

This Kungfu Online Character Build Guide is very basic and general. You will have to combine yourself for best performance. There's is no best stat for each clan as the stat and gems will have to be adjusted according to which clan you'll fight. In the next post I will cover about the guide to win in Mt. Hua Swordmanship Tournament.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Android OS for Tablet PC

Android 3.0 Honeycomb is the latest Android operating system. This OS is specially built for Tablet PC. Android 3.0 Honeycomb provide better performance compared than previous-generation Android operating system. Acer Iconia A500 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are a couple example of Tablet PC that use Android 3.0 Honeycomb as their OS. What's new to this OS, read through my review for this OS.

Various new interesting features added in Android 3.0 Honeycomb is that Android Honeycomb can support multi-core processors, high-quality 2D and 3D graphics, making marvelous speed when users operate the tablet device. The panel on the main page of Honeycomb stretch to a larger bar and provide a global status info that is placed below the screen. While on the upper right side panels give the user convenience in managing applications that currently active.

Browser will have several tabs that allow users to open multiple sites at once, and the navigation screen becomes more convenient, even sync with the bookmarks can be done easily. Synchronization can be easily taken from the Chrome browser, Multi-touch features also supported by JavaScript and other plugins, and of course the user must have a Google account.

For users who likes reading e-books or e-reader, Honeycomb present the appearance that allows you to read it as easy as reading a book in general, supported by Google eBooks feature. There's also design changes when you access the YouTube site that allows users to choose more video options on the tablet screen. In the security sector, Honeycomb provide ease for a company when storing data with encryption features for both the password and email. Chat with Google Talk integration becomes easier, even able to chat via video, which of course you must have a dual camera tablet device. Google Maps will change shape with the presence of a 3D Google Maps that makes localization becomes more real than ever.

Google Maps 3D
The big question is, whether the operating system Android 3.0 Honeycomb can be used on the smart phone device? Many new features require a large screen space, so smart phone device must have a wide enough screen so that users can still feel the latest features Honeycomb comfortably. So maybe this Android 3.0 Honeycomb is made only and specially for Tablet PC.

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