Monday, September 28, 2009

Romance of The Three Kingdom XI PC English Version

After the successful of PC based Warriors Orochi, Koei seems to think that this is a good time to enter into the world of RTK XI (Romance of Three Kingdom) on PC. This is certainly good news for the fans in the PC RTK series. As you might know, the chinese and japanese version of this RTK XI PC is already released about two or three years ago. But last year Koei released the English version of RTK XI PC. For me, this was like a dream come true.

Just like the previous series, RTK XI PC version is a turn-based strategy game. In this RTK XI PC English version you can choose to play different warlord from different era. There's some improvement in the battle system especially in one on one combat between the generals. The AI seems to have become smarter a little bit, although if you know how to play they still seems dumb enough. I guarantee you'll be addicted once you have played this game.

Here is the download link for the game (thanks to who have uploaded it)

password :

Hope you enjoy the game.

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Nice game. May be you want to try Dungeon Siege

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