Monday, November 30, 2009

Google Challenge Bing with "Caffeine"

Facing the though competition in the Internet market, Google developed a faster search engine. Therefore, Google invites developers to test the new web search engine and provide feedback to them.

Matt Cutts, Google's chief developer, and Sitram Iyer, Google's software developer staff post a message on Google Blog. They invite the developers to try out their new innovations. In these blogs, they also wrote, "For several months, teams of Googlers have been working on a secret project: A new generation architecture for the Google search engine. The new project is called Caffeine.

A Google spokesman added that Google is always try to create new technologies to improve the quality of its search engine. We hope this system will improve the quality of search in terms of size, speed, accuracy, and completeness.

Google also acknowledged that the project Caffeine is to challenge their rival Microsoft with Bing.

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