Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Century 21 Broker Properti Jual Beli Sewa Rumah Indonesia

Century 21 Broker Properti Jual Beli Sewa Rumah Indonesia is a propery broker that is a real estate franchise from USA established in 1937. In Indonesia, century 21 is affiliated with Ciputra group and was established in 1997.

With experience in property business for decades, makes century 21 one of the best real estate agent around. They can assist all your property needs such as buying, selling, house or apartment.They have hundreds of qualified agents that will assist you in case you need some help in buying or selling houses.

Century 21 also have an online marketing division that is very important in this era of information technology. The website, century21.com, have just won an award that prove century21.com have a good and reliable online marketing system.

That's all for he century 21. Maybe this a little out of topics but I think this one is a very important information to share.

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