Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Driver Access, Solution for Your Driver Needs

In order to make the full use of your computer, you need to have your computer at top shape all the time. The performance of your computer is determined by a lot of factor. Beside hardware upgrade, one important thing that people often forget is driver update. A good hardware needs to have a driver suitable with the operating system in order to work effectively.

So in order to maintain and improve your hardware performance, you need to update all your windows driver (if you are using windows as OS). Updating windows drivers looks like an easy task, but sometimes it will cause a system failure if it's not done the right way. It is possible to update all these drivers yourself and a lot of people do it manually. You need to know that by updating drivers manually there are many different processes you need to do before you finally get the right driver for your installed devices and hardware.

If you are looking for a quick and simple solution, I suggest you to visit driveraccess.com. There you can download a software that recognize the drivers specific for your computer and keep your driver up to date. Driver Access also ensures that you won't lose drivers anymore. The program has a tool that allows us to back up your existing drivers from your computer into hard drive, cd or usb drive.

So if you need to look for update for your computer drivers, just remember driveraccess, your solution for all your drivers needs.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dragon Age Origins, RPG for Adults (Review and Downloads)

Dragon Age : Origins (DAO) is one of the so called "hi-class RPG". The game not only offer entertainment, but also a story that mixed by BioWare in beautiful Ferelden fantasy world, and also this game offers a wonderful memory that dangle over the deepening of interpersonal characteristics. This will determine the direction of the story and make DAO more than just a Fantasy Role Playing Games (RPG).

As offered in other RPGs, the player started his career by building a character that would eventually affect the gameplay. Currently there are three options to build character races : Human, Elf, and the Dwarf, then players have to choose the job of each class.

According to selected race, the game will move into the background of the story line according to the selected character. Later, all the stories merge into one by following a man named Duncan to become a Grey Warden, a group who dedicated his life to fighting the Blight, which is a group of invisible evil that devastated Ferelden world peace.

The core of Dragon Gate: Origins is the battle with the Blight, by recruiting members on every road stories into one group of Grey Warden then solves problems from one region to another. In each scenario of the story, players can find side quests, which make the stories more deep and interesting.
Dragon Gate: Origins is not so interesting if you only follow the main quest.

For your information, all of the dialogue you choose will influence the way the story forward. In addition it also affects the other team members feeling. Sometimes in a mission, there is a quest that emerged from the talks. This Quest will automatically open a small plot, which culminate in a large scenario. If you choose to be polite, then the Non Player Character (NPC) will also be polite, on the contrary, if being rude in a conversation can eliminate the opportunity to open a new quest.

Gameplay, Graphics and Sound

For players who have been accustomed to playing games like Diablo, Baldur Gate, Mass Effect, Dugeon Siege or Never Winter Nights would not have difficulty in carrying out the characters. Game system offered here truly flexible and easy to manage. Players just need to adjust what needs to be done by another character (AI) and then immediately focus on other work. With WASD controls on the keyboard, players can move a character in 3rd person view. And if you feel bored, the view can be changed by scrolling the mouse over. With this, the game turn into click and hit run system.

Talking about graphics,
Dragon Gate: Origins is relatively standard (the Bioware standard which seem so marvelous for newbie). With the sparkling reflections on a sword or armor, and the blood that was standard, the graphics of this game is not exactly a luxury for the current size. One of the advantages of Dragon Gate: Origins is charging a lot of incredible in every NPC. Every new person will speak in a different tone of voice.

The Dialogue You Should Really Look For

The core of
Dragon Gate: Origins is conversations. For those who not used to play such an RPG game, must have been thinking 'Why is this game is full of chatting contents?'. This is true. And it is precisely the power of Dragon Age: Origins, compared to other similar genres. If we only after the item and battle, this game will seem boring. But when the dialogue followed carefully, an interesting story will be presented.

Sex In The Story.

Sex is one ingredient that make a game interesting. This also works with the DAO. When choosing the character as a man, that character can be directed to copulate with another female character, and vice versa. Apart from that the game seems to really carry gender equality. Because the funny thing is, there is also the option to 'play' with the same sex.

But, keep in mind, in order to 'play' with friends, strong interpersonal relationships should really be maintained. Until a certain level later when the 'target' truly open minded, then the 'hot scenes' can be executed. Please note that
Dragon Gate: Origins is intended for adults. Do not give this game to children under the age of 18 years!

Conclusion :

Basically Dragon Age: Origins is the game that is designed for a Fantasy RPG gamers who are used to play these kind of game.

The moral of this game is not only just victorious against evil, like other similar games. Players will be given moral choices through dialogue that built both the NPC and other characters. This opens an alternative hidden in the game that ultimately will affect the storyline.

- Development of an extraordinary storyline
- Dialogue is very varied
- 'Hot Scene' that make a fun adventure

- Skill tree unattractive

If you want to download Dragon Age : Origins (DAO), you can search it via torrents. Theres bunch of seeders out there, but remember to support the game by buying the original game.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Infinit-Tech, Your Source of IT Solutions

In today's business, IT is playing a very critical function. A good an reliable information system will give support to our business so that we have a better chances to make sells and profit. To have a good and reliable information technology, we need to have high quality IT equipment that provides not just an awesome performance but also nice in security. Well, I'm pretty sure you all can find a lot of IT equipment supplier but the question is how do we know which one is the best.

To solve your information technology equipment needs I suggest you to check out infinit-tech.com. Infinit-Tech is an IT supplier that focused on new and refurbished switches, routers, servers, firewalls, telecommunications and security products. This site offers you many IT products from a lot of well reputed brands like Avaya, Cisco Nortel, HP, IBM, Dell, and many more. For protecting data and computer network from theft or spying, Infinit-Tech give you great options of firewalls from Barracuda and Cisco. Infinit-Tech also provides many various network servers as well as the replacement parts, including Dell servers, HP and IBM servers. As I know, Infinite-Tech have accumulation of 150 years of experience, that ensure all services for customers are full and scientific. Not just that, Infinit-Tech is also an IT supplier company that willing to support their customer. They not only sell you their products but also act as your IT consultant, so It will give you more benefit in the future.

So if you looking for IT supplier with best reputation and service quality just visit infinit-tech.com. You'll find all you need with the best quality. For more detailed information I suggest you to visit their site now.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MSI R4890 Cyclone SOC

This time MSI released the latest variant of their products for the ATI graphics card HD 4890. The variant released this time is the MSI R4890 Cyclone. For Cyclone own variants consist of three types of Cyclone, Cyclone OC, SOC, and Cyclone. MSI R4890 Cyclone SOC (Super Over-clock) using the default core clock 1 Ghz. Not all of the RV790 chipset used on the HD4890 graphics card capable of running normally at 1 GHz core clock. However, MSI was able to bring RV790 chipset, which was normal in the core clock at 1 GHz with this variant. Meanwhile, the memory size 1 GB GDDR5 used, also running at 1 GHz clock (effective 4 GHz).

To overcome the heat of the chipset, MSI is using the HSF named Cyclone. The HSF consists of a 10 cm fan, heatsink, and 4 pieces of circular heatpipes around the fan. From the 4 pieces of heatpipes used, there are 2 pieces heatpipe with a larger diameter of which called MSI Superpipe.

With 1 GHz core clock, this graphics card performance meet the satisfactory, both in testing using 3DmarkVantage or for heavy games. But the core clock can not be overclocked higher much more and can only be increased to 1050 MHz.

Technical Data:

Manufacturer: MSI
Price: U.S.$ 250
Chip: ATI HD 4890
Interface: PCI E x16
Memory: 1 GB GDDR5 256-bit
Core Clock: 1000 MHz
Memory Clock: 4000 MHz
Stream Processor: 800
Output: VGA, DVI, HDMI

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