Thursday, July 30, 2009

BattleStations Pacific

Pacific war that involve the U.S army and Japanese Army is pictured amazingly in this action game. Pacific war is one of the history that will not be forgotten by U.S people. This beacuse of the sudden attack by Japanese Army to the U.S military base in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Because of this attack, U.S.A lost a lot of its army and so many people dead. This drama is well represented by Battlestation Midway Game, BattleStation Pacific.

In this game, you can follow the story of both side in war. You will control several type of war machine. Beside piloting, you can choose to be a commander in chief that act behind the screen. The air unit is divided into 2 type, bomber and hunter. Surface unit, every type of war machine have it's own unique characteristic. Basically, a Destroyer have the biggest war power because have biggest cannon. And a surveyor have high maneuverability

Although this game is quite interesting, but it seems that the developer make it half hearted. The biggest problem that make PC gamers won't be too convinience is about the use of keyboard and mouse when piloting a plane. You can shoot using a mouse but it's veru uncomfortable. This game is very suitable to be played using a media controller. In addition, You can also play together with your friends through multiplayer mode. Every type of game in multiplayer mode have a high difficulty rating. So You will enjoy play it again and again

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Paid Access for Youtube and Facebook ?

Internet big players such as Youtube and facebook is rumored to have big financial problem. They need new sources of income to cover the lost. Will us as user have to pay for access ? Not many people think that a company that runs the biggest social network in the world can have financial problem. Several weeks ago, Facebook Financial Director, Gideon Yu, resigned. This website has over 200 million users and developing rapidly. But their income don't grow as much as it looks like. Their income from advertising can't cover the expenses, so Facebook will need new fresh income.

This financial problem is faced not only by Facebook, but also by almost every big company that offers web 2.0 technology. According to an estimation by Credit Suisse, Youtube this year will have a lost almost 471 million US dollar. The traffic cost is almost 1 million dollar a day. The same condition also happens at Twitter and Skype. To the investors, internet is not as interesting anymore as when web 2.0 era begins. Sequoia Capital, one of biggest financial company have requested directors to develop a new business model which is hoped to be more stable.

With this problem going through, the future we can expect is : Free for basic feature only. Slowly but sure, free services will disappear. Youtube will develop a new system that require payment for users. Facebook will also develop this method. There will be paid account. The basic feature will be free but if you want convinience, you will have to pay. Let's hope there will be another way out for this problem.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

F.E.A.R 2 : Project Origin - Alma Haunts Again

Gamers who like shooting game will definitely know FEAR, action game with horror inside through a little girl called Alma. In FEAR 2, the action is unmacthed and the horror will still frightens you. FEAR 2 can be told as FEAR 1 story explanation. In this game you will get more detailed explanation what has happened to this Alma girl, and why she become a ghost that haunts you. Luckily, the story is developed in a way so that if you don't play the first FEAR you can still understand and enjoy the whole story.

As a shooter game, FEAR 2 is full of explosion, action, and unique weapons. Enemy you face cannot be taken lightly too. The enemy can work together to attack you from all side. They can force you to come out with grenades and then the other enemy is ready to shoot you as you escape from the explosion. You can also find a very agile enemy so that you must ave a superb reflex to be able to shoot him. Luckily you can use an ability to slow down time. You can use this ability in a certain time (not too long after you use it, you will be able to use it again).

Another interesting feature is a robot war machine. This robot has an awesome attack power and protected by an invincible shield, but this robots have weakness against electricity, so you can use electromagnet grenade to defeat her. On the contrary, you can use this robots too to get through an enemy-populated area. The horror inside is nice too. Beside Alma, there's monsters which will shocks you from time to time. The environment is full of blood too and there's many violence in the game that make this game is rated Mature (for adult only).

There's multi player mode too with many features that make the game more interesting. This multi player thing made this game so enjoyable even if you play it over and over again. Overall, a nice shooting game with lots of features that can make you sit for hours playing this game.

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