Friday, October 30, 2009

Chrome OS and The End of Virus

Google promised "The End of Virus" with the presence of cloud-based operating system, Chrome OS. Google has promised to Internet users that Chrome OS will make the era of malware, viruses, and trojans are over. Google promises the so-called paradise for anti virus in Chrome OS. Google also promises high security architecture in Chrome OS that users will not be bothered with viruses, malware, and security updates.

But ironically, Google also bothered with the security hole in Chrome browser. Two of the security hole present in the Chrome browser, the malicious code in Chrome tab and processes tab sandbox with corrupt memory, which has been improved.

So whether the future of cloud computing will be more secure than the system we use today? Now we still have to download the security patches to fix software that we use. As we know, Google has a high reputation in security issues. Spam filter in Gmail, and phishing detection in the Google search engine is a good security system. We can expect Chrome OS can actually make the end for the virus.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Facebook Lite, a New Challenger for Twitter

Facebook seems to plans to challenge twitter. This biggest social networking service will launch Facebook Lite, a version of facebook which is more simple and "lighter". The Facebook Lite website looks similar to a Microblogging services.

Facebook has invited several groups of users to try out the beta version of Facebook Lite. The decision to develop Facebook Lite was seen differently by others. Industrial sector sees this as Facebook wants to compete with twitter. But others argue that the lesser service was developed to be used in countries with limited bandwidth. This version also makes users to access facebook via mobile phone easier.

In order to boost download speed on their pages, Facebook Lite make the display the images smaller, Facebook lite will also feature a video with lower resolution. This service is being tested in India and planned to be released first in Russia and China.
The sample of Facebook Lite used to be able to be seen, but now the service has been terminated. So let's wait the official announcement of this Facebook Lite

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